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With the registered capital of RMB 60 million, Zhejiang ECOWELL Energy Management Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ECOWELL) is a joint stock company established through overall reconstruction of Zhejiang ECOWELL Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. in 2012 and a key high-tech enterprise specialized in energy conservation services in the national Torch Plan. It is mainly engaged in research, development, promotion and application of energy system optimization and energy-saving techniques, providing customers with services in the mode of energy performance contracting (EPC). The company is one of the first batch of energy conservation service companies filed by the National Development and Reform Commission, one of the energy conservation service providers recommended by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2014 for the industry and communication fields, one of the top ten high-tech enterprises of Hangzhou, one of the top ten in the “List of Chinese Top 100 Energy Conservation Service Companies” in recent years, member of China Industrial Energy Conservation and Clean Production Association and one of high-tech energy conservation service companies with its own characteristics and competitiveness in the Chinese energy conservation service industry.

The company is mainly committed to research, development, promotion and application of new energy-saving technologies for: (1) optimization and energy conservation of industrial cooling circulating water, large-scale air supply and exhaust, compressed air, medium conveying (process pump) and other fluid conveying systems; (2) optimization of the process industrial steam network and recycling and comprehensive utilization of “three wastes” (waste gas, waste water and industrial residues); (3) overall energy conservation of central air-conditioning and centralized heating systems; (4) phase-change cooling and heating energy conservation; (5) comprehensive utilization of heat pumps and solar heat and power; (6) optimization and energy conservation of lighting systems; and (7) intelligent energy efficiency management systems. Meanwhile, leveraging the power technology integration capability and financing advantages, the company can provide comprehensive energy conservation solutions for enterprises with high energy consumption.

The company has established a provincial enterprise technology center with powerful technical forces and innovation capabilities. Over years of dedicated cultivation, the company has developed a first-class technical team specialized in heating, fluid, mechanical, electrical, automation, chemical, metallurgical and other specialties and well experienced in technological innovation, project design and project implementation. More than 30 research and design talents in the team have senior titles or above and more than 90 engineering and technical employees. Using the innovation mode with production, teaching and research integration, the company has established close technical cooperation relationships with famous domestic and foreign universities, research institutions and equipment manufacturers. It has successively undertaken many national and provincial major projects in special technology research and development and successfully developed dozens of domestic leading technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, such as Go·Well series technologies for fluid conveying, steam network optimization and three-waste recycling and comprehensive utilization technologies, phase-change cooling and heating technology, high-efficiency solar heating, etc. The “ECOWELL·Industrial Cooling Circulating Water System Energy Conservation and Optimization Technology” was listed in the National Directory of Key Energy Conservation Technology Promotion (Batch 5) in 2012.

The company focuses on the construction of technology system with technology, product and solution integration. By means of strategic cooperation, the company has jointly developed a series of high-efficiency water pumps, screw air compressors, centrifugal air compressors, compression heat adsorption type driers, screw compressors, ORC screw expansion generators, phase-change heaters (coolers), high-efficiency solar heat collection panels and other core energy-saving products (devices). The company has also established the long-term steady cooperation relationship with other energy-saving product suppliers representing the highest level of the industry to ensure any energy-saving product has excellent performance and significant energy-saving effects.

The company attaches importance to the service system building and has rich experience in service. It has established 4 operation centers and 16 offices in China, and the service network covers the majority of Chinese provinces and municipalities, with the complete service system and rapid and considerate response. The company has provided energy conservation services for more than 300 famous customers, such as Shanghai Petrochemical, Nanjing Chemical, Liuzhou Chemical, Dalian Chemical, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd., Baosteel Group, Shougang Group, Ansteel, Benxi Steel Group Corporation, Baogang, Fushun Special Steel Co., Ltd., Guofeng Iron & Steel, Jinxi Iron & Steel Group, Shanghai Volkswagen, Hangzhou Landison Hotel, Zhejiang 1st Hospital, Qingdao Liuting Airport, Dashang Group, Beijing Chongwen District Government, etc. It has won the trust of users.

Adhering to the concepts of “energy-saving technology and win-win development”, ECOWELL will, according to the strict quality management system and customer service system requirements, provide the best energy conservation services for each customer in the form of systematic solutions which closely meet customer demands, depending on the strong technical forces, excellent energy-saving products, rich experience in implementation, good financing capabilities.

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