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Core values:
Honesty -- hard work, integrity of life; commitment, do not say;
I'm responsible -- my thing, to have the results;, has confessed; dare to bear, reflective, dare to error correction;
Cooperation -- open communication, active collaboration, not shuffle, do not drag; mutual care, mutual help, improve together;
Win win -- customer first, people-oriented, the company first; to achieve customer, employee, shareholder and other stakeholder win-win;
Development -- employees to completion date issue date, the NIKKO, a little bit of progress every day; the company every year to maintain a certain growth rate, in a leading position in the industry

Business philosophy:
People-oriented, pioneering and innovative, good faith service, win-win cooperation.

The spirit of enterprise:
The spirit of professional dedication dedication work together with one heart team spirit firm and indomitable enterprising spirit be strict in one's demands of truth-seeking and innovation spirit entered into all the refine on, offer beyond the value for customers, create profits for shareholders, for employees to lay a long platform, to create a win-win situation for the partner, to make the greatest contribution to society.

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