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Cooling circulating water system of 15,000m3 oxygen production device

The objects of technology improvement are the cooling circulating water systems of the 15,000m3 oxygen production devices of Phase I and II. The cooling water is mainly used for heat exchange and cooling of the air compressor at the end, nitrogen compressor, oxygen compressor, chiller, air cooling tower and supporting oil cooler. Each system is equipped with three 355kW pumps, two in service and one for standby. After system optimization and adjustment, six high-efficiency pumps are used, and the operating mode is unchanged. According to the acceptance results, 6,860,000KWH power can be saved annually by the two systems.

System Name Power Consumption before Technology Improvement (kW) Power Consumption after Technology Improvement (kW) Power Saving Rate
Oxygen production device of Phase I 421.36×2 200.67×2 52.4%
Oxygen production device of Phase II 392.70×2 204.71×2 47.9%

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