Talent concept


People-oriented, create a modern enterprise

The company always adhere to the "people-oriented, to create a modern enterprise" concept of talent, high-quality talent policy, easing employment environment, competitive employment mechanism, and a broad development space, constantly attract venture development company, to all kinds of managerial and professional talent needs. Companies adhering to the "keep people with sincere emotion, with brilliant career attractive, with a difficult job training people, cultivate people with effective learning, inspire people" with a reasonable system concept of talent, talent is considered the company's most valuable wealth.

With the director, one short; people and post matching, give full scope to the talents

Covey respected all rivers run into sea, has a style and style of Naida, of talent is not to be perfect, not to stick to one pattern to use talents, and strive to create with the director, one short, one gang matched give full scope to the talents, the atmosphere and mechanism, make the wisdom, courage, benevolence, believe each Anqi and growing and improving, thus forming a strong team to set up a harmonious and complementary.

The stage extends as far as the heart goes

You have much to offer, covey much development space, covey has worked hard for the best talent to provide career development platform, let the value of interest, each talent personal career and company closely together, so as to achieve common development and common cause of growth, covey

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