Date:2014-06-22 ECOWELL Companies to Unveil truCirc, a High-Tech, Smart-Home Water Circulation Pump, at the 2015 International Builders' Show
Energy-reducing, water-saving truCirc can be used as a standalone product or with Bollente's trutankless electric tankless water heater for a complete smart-home hot water system

PHOENIX -- Bollente Companies, Inc. (OTCQB: BOLC) today announced it will unveil truCirc, a state-of-the-art, smart-home water circulation pump, at the 2015 National Association of Homebuilders International Builders' Show, January 20 through 22, 2015 in Las Vegas (booth #C9316).

Built to work compatibly with Bollente's multi-award winning trutankless electric tankless water heater or as a standalone product, truCirc represents the next step in Bollente's mission to pioneer forward-thinking technology that changes the way people think about hot water.

A traditional water circulation pump circulates hot water through a home's pipes, enabling homeowners to have instant, on-demand hot water as soon as they turn on the faucet and saving countless gallons of water that would have been wasted. truCirc takes the traditional pump to the next level with multiple hot water delivery strategies including a self-aware learning mode that tracks water usage in a household and predicts when hot water will be needed-- thereby using energy to keep water hot only when it's desired. truCirc's simple, modern, high-tech interface allows homeowners to quickly and easily change delivery modes or choose a zone or fixture to send hot water. Thermostatic shut-off valves installed at each zone further eliminate wasted water.

"With truCirc, we are bringing the most energy-efficient water heating technology ever designed to a market that is increasingly green-minded and seeking ways to reduce its impact on the environment," said Michael Stebbins, president of trutankless.  "As a standalone product, truCirc provides tremendous energy and water savings for a household. When used in conjunction with a 99% energy-efficient trutankless unit, the end result is a complete water heating system with unrivaled efficiency, durability and long-term value to the homeowner."

According to a 2014 report by McGraw Hill Construction, the overall green single-family market will double between 2013 and 2016 to $80 -101 billion. This rapidly growing trend will be reflected at the International Builders Show, where seminar topics, workshops and exhibitor forums as well as the NAHB's 2015 New American Home will all have a heavy emphasis on best practices in green building.

truCirc will be unveiled at IBS 2015 (booth #C9316) alongside Bollente's trutankless electric tankless water heater, which won the Best Home Technology Award at the 2014 International Builders' Show. "We are thrilled to debut truCirc this year at IBS, the very same event that gave trutankless such a warm welcome last year," said Stebbins.

trutankless also won the Governor's Award of Merit for Energy and Technology Innovation at Arizona Forward's 2014 Environmental Excellence Awards and was a Judge's Pick in the 2014 Kitchen + Bath Business Product Innovator Awards.
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